Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well. I thought i would try my hand at a little photoshop "painting" of one of my drawings of a cowboy. It's pretty novice I know...but it is my first attempt so that being said.. let me have it! don't hold back! i've got my criticism helmet on.. so i can take it.

i often draw wonky cowboys like this in my doodles. I'd like to do a cowboy show. The thing is... i really have no intrest in westerns.. so i have no idea why i like to cartoon them. maybe its the very fact that i don't like them.


Piotr said...

I think you did a pretty good job rendering him. Perhaps stronger colors could help the design?

Tyler said...

Hey! Sweet blog. That short is fantastic, good stuff. also i have to note that dude above me here has a pretty stellar pic.

paublo said...

Killer stuff here dude!!!

hobo divine said...

I like your cowboy I like his feet because they're always 180... word!
I like the colours too! That's colour with a U!


Eren said...

Wow, very cool blog you have here. I like your characters. Nice work!