Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well. I thought i would try my hand at a little photoshop "painting" of one of my drawings of a cowboy. It's pretty novice I know...but it is my first attempt so that being said.. let me have it! don't hold back! i've got my criticism helmet on.. so i can take it.

i often draw wonky cowboys like this in my doodles. I'd like to do a cowboy show. The thing is... i really have no intrest in westerns.. so i have no idea why i like to cartoon them. maybe its the very fact that i don't like them.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


here's a couple pages of doodles from todays music spot. thats where we sit with the composer and go through each episode and figure out the music and score... it can take several hours.

this is Dallas (fellow co-director) saying "phenomenal" its a good word to say when you think something is very good. It's a word I have heard him say. That's Greg (the main director) on his head. it's not a very good likeness of him... he has a curling rock in his hand (how canadian). the guy screaming in the bottom corner is the composer Hal Foxton Beckett... he gets upset when we make changes to his music.. but thats because he cares. I'm the one saying "poo". it's something i often say...and if i'm not saying it... i'm probably thinking it.

here's some very warbled doodles of pucca characters... i like to draw them off model on purpose.. probably because their actual model is so perfect and symetrical. sometimes i wish the show was that warped.

Mo Peanart

see how confidently he serenades you with his ukelele. It seems as though it's aimed in the wrong direction. Does he not notice the maiden in the distance? How she pains to be near his... nut?

Chubby Dee

I uploaded my film on so now you can watch it here ^_^

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Greeting Cards

here's a bunch of greeting cards i made a few years ago and sold them in a local art store. I sold about half of the batch i printed.. but i never continued it. so i got a bunch left over if anyone wants one... i'd rather people used them then have them sit here in a box. they are all blank inside.


a few excerpts from the sketchbook.

this guy's listening to his mini-disk player. He's feeling embarrassed that he's using such old technology... and that he actually paid for his music.
I'm sure the government has experimented with this kind of thing. As much as it's bad for the planet.... i'd really like to see some genetically altered freakaziod creatures.

Here is Monsieur Oyster. He is a solitary creature, though he seems to enjoy going for the occasional drive. Prized possession? his pearl of course!

Cute musselooom

I made this at work while i had some free moments. one of the character designers on Pucca saw me working on it and flipped out. "oh my god thats sooooo cuute!" she said. so i sent her the image. she printed it out and hung it up at her desk. i felt kind of honored.

Oh Peanut

here's some cute peanut characters i wanna make into toys and stuff. I tried messing with the texture to make it look more hand made. now that i look at it.. that blue was a bad choice.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Rival

This is one of my favorite Vooz episodes of Pucca. It was a big inspiration for the series. A lot of episodes revolve around Garu and Tobe's rivalry (Tobe is the blue ninja and his name is pronounced toh-bay) he's one of my favorite characters on the show. Pucca of course always gets in the way and ends up beating the crap out of the bad guy. We really tried to stay true to the Vooz style, but we also pushed it in a lot of ways. Its a bit more western as you will see when it finally airs... but it may help give it a wider appeal (thats the plan anyways) I personally would have liked to stay closer to the original style, it has such a charm, and it's very unique and cute, but i think we captured at least some of that original feeling.
I think the series will be a big hit, and I'm very proud and excited that i'm a part of it, as should everyone on the crew. They have put in a ton of hard work, time and energy to make it happen. we couldn't have done it without them.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pucca nominated!

For the past year i've been slaving away, co-directing PUCCA the series for Jetix europe (at Studio B Productions) and now the show has been nominated for several awards. the show doesn't even have an air date yet! so look for Pucca at the Prix Jeunesse International festival in Munich Germany, Annecy International Animation fest in France (which I and the other 2 directors as well as the producer will be attending) and now, just today, the Leo awards here in BC canada. because the show hasn't aired yet, i can't show anything from the series... but until then you can see the original Korean web shorts at the official Puccal website the shorts are under the heading "amusement"

Monday, April 10, 2006

article on

Hey today i'm being featured on for a little promo i made a while ago with some friends. It was for a tv series pitch for young children. We had a whole 7 minute short planned out but due to time constraints and "life" type issues we never were able to finish it. Its called Maigo.
so one day Aaron Simpson from coldhardflash caught it on my website and asked me if he could feature it. I always really liked these characters and the story, and i'm glad finially someone will get to see our work. It would have been nice to have actually finished the short at least. maybe this will generate enough intrest to make it happen. check it out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

YMCK video

i love this 8 bit music.. .


here's some recent stuff i made for an idea i have about fungus people.

night of FIRE!

funny music video. I love all the stupid choregraphy the girls are doing , and that fat guy tries to dance along with them.. gold!

a new blog is born... Happy Birthday!

I have finally entered into the world of blogging... and as my first post, it's probably just gonna be boring.. so i'll just use it as a test...

check this spot for doodles, kooky videos and anything weird or interesting i do or find.