Monday, April 10, 2006

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Hey today i'm being featured on for a little promo i made a while ago with some friends. It was for a tv series pitch for young children. We had a whole 7 minute short planned out but due to time constraints and "life" type issues we never were able to finish it. Its called Maigo.
so one day Aaron Simpson from coldhardflash caught it on my website and asked me if he could feature it. I always really liked these characters and the story, and i'm glad finially someone will get to see our work. It would have been nice to have actually finished the short at least. maybe this will generate enough intrest to make it happen. check it out.


Piotr said...

Congrats Jayson!

BLECHA! said...

Man, i just saw yer short on CHF. Beautiful style and super smooth animation. I wanna frame by frame it!

Best of all - the main character is appealing.

Can't wait to see more.

MadameGaston said...

This is great! So cute. I love when the spaceship spins around and he's wobbling on the roof. :D

Scott O. said...

That whole story and everything is very unique and appealing! I LOVE IT!

Andy said...

It is definitely some work to be proud of. My only critique is that the meteor animation at the beginning feels a bit weak. But perhaps that's only because everything is so strong. Way to go man.

REE said...

i remembered your other short film about the salesman from a while back and drop another jem!!

This is a nice piece you've got on your hands to add to the catalogue. You're on your way if you're not already there.

Keep creatin'!!


Piotr said...

My name is Pronouced like this: "pee-yut"

Kind of like "peanut"

Now say it fast! Pee-yut, Peeyut, Piotr! (one syllable)