Sunday, April 22, 2007

Look Ma! I'm on TV!!

So Kevin Gamble (producer for George Of The Jungle) asked me to Join him on TECH TV with LEO LAPORTE. A show about, what else? Technology! so here we are talking about how we make flash animation for TV, i'm the one at the computer (which had several smutty pictures on it... It really helped me relax). It was a 6 minute segment and i was nervous as hell... but thankfully it wasn't live. That episode (21) will be set to air sometime in May... not sure when though. It was pretty fun, i'm glad i got to do it. I hope i didn't sound like an idiot. 6 minutes go by so fast...i don't know how much information was actually passed along... oh well no one's gonna learn animation from a TV show. we showed a clip from the show.. and i went through a couple flash files... i used one of Emmet hall's scenes as an example.