Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mr. Obtuse_ episode 03

alright! here be episode 3 of Mr. Obtuse.

AND i am proud to announce that you can now find Mr. Obtuse as a PODCAST on iTUNES!
just click on this link HERE to subscribe to it.

i'll still put it up on youtube, but the quality on itunes is MUCH MUCH better. plus if you subscribe you'll automatically get the latest episode downloaded to your computer and ipod. YOU CAN'T LOSE!... unless i become too busy and can't produce them as often. but lets hope that doesn't happen. In fact i'd much rather expand on the world and make it a longer, fuller, more legit show... rather than a one minute joke i produce in my basement, Patience jayson... Patience!


also, check the side bar for Mr. Obtuse quicktimes in nice, high(er) quality.


Andrew said...

frikkin funny, Jay!

Clio said...

Hahahahah!! I don't know how to use irony either.

Corey said...

These are great!