Tuesday, July 03, 2007

silly walk cycle test

hey.. here's a little walkytest of Chubby Dee i did in anime studio.. it's not the best by any means but i just wanted to see if it could be done. find it here

Also, check out a great piece of Chubby Dee art done by Clio Chiang!


Piotr said...

what fun you are having! can't get enough of chubby dee! :P

Will Finn said...

nice walk, Chubby, love the rotating knees!

saw your first CHUBBY DEE short a while back and loved it, very funny and great to look at. excellent voices too!

Clio said...

Oh my god, that music is hilarious. So's the walk!

Will Finn said...

thanks for stopping by the small room--consider me a fan--(chubby's name and voice are indellibly stamped in my brain). Feel free to grab the jpeg of the Kimball letter and spread the word--he was right about everything!