Wednesday, May 02, 2007


this is a big, angry, teenage FUCK YOU! to the lady in the blue Toyota who decided to jump into the HOV lane right in front of my wife and I... at 2 miles an hour... on a rainy day. You are SOOOOOOOO lucky i'm a good driver... i must have skidded about 50 feet just barely missing the back left side of your pretty little import. I hope you saw us fish-tailing in the ditch as you sped off. Thanks. Thank god i was able to right myself and carry on without the guy behind me ramming my ass.
I know you were sorry as i saw you gesturing to me in that sheepish way as you went back into your lane....alone in your i gestured back in the usual way.
I kind of wish that i did hit you... would have made for a nice lawsuit.

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Sabrina Alberghetti said...

Must've been a Corolla. :P