Sunday, June 04, 2006

hello from annecy

here i am in Annecy for the international animation festival, which kicks off tommorrow. Its a very beautifull little town nestled near the Swiss Alps. I'm excited to se some of the films here... i just got my festival package and it's 3 huge thick books that we had to hoof all the way across town back to the hotel .. the festival tote bags were'nt ready yet... damn them! Gonna see a pre-view of cars.. lookin forward to that ... but there's tons of films that look really good... i'll let you know which ones i thought were best.

venice-like canalspedal boatsdalla, kirsten, and greg pondering if we should rent a boat... it's quite warm.

dallas in our hotel room... "Hotel de Paris" small but quaint


Piotr said...

I'm going to Europe in 2 weeks, I can't wait!

Andrew said...

Looks fukkin sweet, Hombre! Have some cheese for me, an some chocolate!!!!

MMMM... cheese "n" choklit!!!!

Looks like fun , man!